Human research

Key points in a nutshell

A brief summary of the key points on human research in Switzerland

Applications & procedure

Requirement to obtain authorisation, categorisation and submission of applications

All information on the requirement to obtain authorisation, categorisation and submission of applications is available here:

SNCTP Portal

Search for studies

Search for registered clinical trials in Switzerland.


Online wizard for categorising human research projects

The categoriser provides help in assigning and categorising your research project according to the provisions of the Human Research Act – good preparation for the submission of your application!


Human research glossary

The glossary includes all relevant technical terms from the field of human research, along with explanations and further information, in four languages.

Case studies

A selection of real human research projects

The case study module provides a selection of real human research projects, each with a brief summary. The projects can be filtered according to various criteria.

Activities of the ethics committees for research – Summary report 2015

The Coordination Office for Human Research (kofam) is legally required to inform the public about the activities of the ethics committees. To that end, each year it produces a summary report of the individual annual reports produced by the ethics committees. The summary report for 2014 together with a factsheet containing general information on the Human Research Act and the ethics committees can be found here:

Summary report of the activity reports of the Ethics Committees 2015

Factsheet containing general information on the HRA and the ethics committees



Submitting projects and publications via BASEC

The Ethics Commission’s project submission portal BASEC (Business Administration System for Ethics Committees) has been online since November 2015. Since then it has not been necessary to make submissions and publications in the SNCTP; instead this is done directly in BASEC. Once a clinical trial has been approved, the information submitted has been transferred direct from BASEC to the SNCTP. For this reason, access to the website for submissions and publications was deactivated on 12 December 2016.



Evaluation of the Human Research Act

The FOPH is responsible for assessing the effectiveness of the Human Research Act. The actual effect of the Act is investigated by the FOPH in individual departmental research projects. The findings from the departmental research projects are incorporated into the evaluation report for the attention of the Federal Council and form the basis for possible recommendations on improving legislation.

More information about the evaluation of the Human Research Act and the the finalised departmental research projects is found here (only in German, French or Italian).