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The SNCTP (Swiss National Clinical Trials Portal) is the portal where clinical trials in Switzerland are published. It contains data from two sources: from BASEC, the national platform for submitting applications for research projects to ethics committees, and from the ICTRP (the WHO International Clinical Trials Registry Platform), which covers the 17 primary registries worldwide. The ICTRP clinical trials shown on the SNCTP are limited to those conducted in Switzerland; there is also an option to display trials conducted in one of Switzerland's neighbouring countries.

SNCTP clinical trials registry has 15648 entries

Also available: 57281 trials in neighbouring countries

Trials submitted on the BASEC platform are displayed on the SNCTP in real time as soon as they are approved by the ethics committee and released for publication by the researchers. In some cases trials are activated on BASEC after entry in an international primary registry, which means that the entries shown contain only information in English from the international registry. For each search, the search filters are applied to all database entries regardless of the language they were entered in; this is done with the help of automated translations.

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